- About Crystal Quartz -

The universe is composed of energy. Since thousands of years ago, ancient civilizations have already recognised crystal’s ability to heal mentally and physically. In fact, crystals are able to store and transmit energy due to their specific molecular structure. It is believed that crystals can help you maintain positive energy levels, that’s why they are regarded as powerful and magical healing tools.



About Crystal Elixir

A crystal elixir is created when the water is revitalized by the energy of crystal-infusion. Water as an energy conductor is able to absorb energetic vibrations of the crystal. The water infused with crystal energies can then be taken internally for powerful healing from the inside out. Most people find crystal elixir tastes like regular water but smoother and milder.


Our Products

We are presenting the Reniok Crystal Bottle/ Straw as modern, easy and safe crystal tools to absorb pure crystal energy in your everyday routine. Stay hydrated throughout the day~


Simply fill the bottle or container with water, (it is a personal preference to leave them under sunlight or moonlight, and for how long before drinking) and voilà-your crystal elixir is ready for drink.

Don’t worry, infused water does not expire, just like regular water. Each bottle/ straw features a crystal of your choice that has its unique properties and focuses, you may want to visit our product lists to learn more.

 Hope you enjoy your magical journey!